Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just Closure

Hi there,
Wow! It has been a very long time. I didn't forget my password, but it took me more than 20 trials before I realised that I forgot my email address, LOL! Sadly, the Hope I talked about in my previous entry had also become another Closure.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims out there. I am taking this oportunity to seek forgiveness if there is any wrong doing, if I hurt anybody's feelings, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, on this 9-11 day, I would like to announce the end of this blog. Blogging is no longer fun when you are not really anonymous. Having said that, I did meet many great people online and I would like to keep the friendship going. Do keep in touch.

On this note, many thanks for reading my 2 blogs for the last 3.5 years. My appreciation to those who had shared valuable advice, especially during the most difficult period of my life. I may start a new blog soon. If you would like to be updated, do drop me a note at

Till then, salam Syawal and farewell.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hope and Closure

Just a quick update, my first entry for 2010. I had a great week at the Lion City after Christmas. I even returned soon after during Chinese New Year.

Fate has reunited me with someone who was introduced to me in 2006. Wonder why I wasn't into him before. He's the best combination of the 2 worlds, a dreamer with a big dream who slaves to realise his dream. I feel honoured to be able to help him realise his wishes with the little that I could do.

I met him again when I returned during CNY, twice. The hours of sleep he went without just to meet me amazed me. We have been keeping in touch often since then, through email, FB, Twitter, sms, phone and whatever modern technology offers. I am taking my own sweet time this time. I am starting to realise that he is precious, just nice in many ways. Keeping this door wide open:D

Coincidentally, I was also reunited with someone else introduced to me on the same day as the one above by the same person. I was really into this guy then. He agreed to meet recently. I was quite shaken when he wanted to introduce his fiance, someone from foreign land that he had only known for 5 months. Their wedding will be held next weekend, just a small family and close friends' affair. It didn't really matter, he reminded me a lot of Mr Designer and I already knew the ending, though he wasn't as bad.

That's it. Soon, I may need to start a new blog, and keep it truly anonymous:)