Sunday, February 1, 2009

Picking Up

This morning, somehow I got the inspiration to re-look and re-approach a long overdue story. I first submitted the story to my instructor in December 2007. He rejected it, saying that it has 2 different stories within it and I need to decide which one I wanted to write. He also said it was impossible for a gay man to turn straight and years later form a relationship with his partner's ex-wife.

After trying out at least 3 different angles, I got stuck again, and again. I then shove it aside. This morning, I thought of laying the 2 main characters at Pulau Ubin instead of at Clark Quay. And I think it changed the emphasis altogether. Probably, the story will just remain focus on their argument before the big day, instead of having a long 'ala detective plot'. Intro is as below.

The Other Woman - 5th Cut

The two handsome men have not said a word to each other since they arrived. Probably in their early-thirties, they look like models or movie stars. The Malay chap is dressed in a black shirt with long gold chain around his neck and a pair of black jeans. His Chinese companion is dressed in a white t-shirt and bright pair of bermuda.

They sit quietly on the boardwalk and watch the mangroves below. Spear-shaped roots of the plants stick out of the reddish thick muddy earth, struggling for oxygen to breath. Bubbles burst through the water when mud-skippers jump. On the far right, green algae peek through the shallow sea. Patches of sands rise through the water. Two purple twin mountains greet in the distant horizon.

More minutes pass and the greyish and mossy shades above starts to crack. The sea slowly mirrors the gloominess of the sky. An infinite line divides the two, depicting an illusion of the edge of the earth floating in the galaxy. Rain is coming soon. Visitors quickly leave the island. But the two men do not move, oblivious to the sorrounding and the scurrying around them.

The one seated on the left sigh loudly and shake his feet, the sight of his black sneakers dangle down the balcony. Finally, he speaks, “So, you are marrying her!”
“Hey, it's not like that!”
“Don't insult me, Ron! I saw the wedding cards with my own eyes. Were you even planning on telling me?”
“Hey, Ali! Will you calm down for a second.”

He looks away, a tall tree standing distinctively on the left catches his attention. Its' leaveless branches dance to the bright blue background, graced by fluffy white clouds.

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