Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Letter at Sunrise

During the long weekend, I also managed to start a new story, and finished it too. I've always wanted to write a story about Mr Designer. It occured to me that an interesting point of view would be from the man himself, it is kind of amusing actually. Imagine if he were to write a letter to his ex-wife...

I came to work feeling really re-charged on Tuesday morning. He smsed me at 11.30am, saying that he had emailed me a design due. He then called and said he was coming to see me in a few hours. At that time, I have to say that I really didn't feel like talking to him and wasn't looking forward to meeting him. He didn't have to come and discuss in person, it is his partner's job. He is the back end person. His partner called after that and so, I asked him to join us. He was delayed so I was left with Mr Designer for over an hour. I managed to find safe topics to talk about eg get his feedback on my stories, discuss rain drop visual for my book cover, etc.

His partner read the first draft of below, couldn't help laughing despite being really mad with Mr Designer and commented that I've captured him so vividly. Maybe I should show it to him one day, it may shake him to his senses. LOL!

Just now after having dinner with him and his partner, he sent me home. It was drizzling, traffic was quite slow. In the car, again I struggled for safe topics of conversation eg my new holiday plans for once. When we arrived, I forgot my normal departure 'salam' and straight away opened the door. He didn't forget, extended his hand, I shook it quickly and got out. Usually, I'd hold on for a while and squeezed his hand like there is no tomorrow. Hmm... I think he realised that too.

Sunrise - 1st Cut

My Dearest Hana,
I am sitting at the study desk in my bedroom, admiring the beauty of sunrise through my window. At this moment, you would be dropping Alif, Aiman and Aini off to school. I have always wondered how you do it. You know, taking care of the kids on your own, juggling that big job of yours as a Senior Operations Manager and managing the house as well. I sometimes ask you why you do not just put them on the school bus, along with the neighbourhood children. That way you would not have to wake up so early every morning. I know I could never do all that by myself. “Because you are useless, that is why,” you would snip at me.

Tomorrow, I shall be babysitting them at your house again. It has been every other Saturday for quite a while now. You said you have errands to run and it will be easier if I do not take the kids out. They are already 8, 9 and 11, I am sure I could manage just fine. It is not like I would forget about them and leave them behind. But then, you have never had much faith in me anyway. You did not even dare leave them in my sole care until recently.



simah said...


nice story... sorry lama tak datang sini...

cik kak.. did u get my email? i mean the one asking for the link to the hotels u were thinking of staying..thanks :0)

hope u dapat dtg.. :0)

Hazia said...

Sorry lambat balas your email. Cuma satu la, have to go in early Feb instead of Mar, my staff kahwin lak. Dah confirm nanti, I email you k? Can't wait:)