Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surreal, Sensual and Spooky

I got quite a bit of writing done over the long weekend. It felt good to finally complete 'The Lotus Twin'. I started this piece almost half a year ago. I'm happy that the plot turned out quite differently from what I initially had in mine. The heroine became someone else and got the story going in another direction too. I even freaked myself out in the end, spooky, hehe...

The setting was inspired by my short vacation in the 'City of the Angels' a year ago. I really love the Suk11 'little traditional village' - it consists of a backpackers' hostel, an outdoor cafe, a spa and a DIY cooking barn-like place.

The Lotus Twin - 1st Cut


The masseur gestured for me to lie face down and covered the lower part of my body with a large floral printed cotton cloth. She rubs the warm lemongrass scented oil onto my back, her fingers dancing in a rapid circular motion, the pressure slowly increasing as my body responded to her rhythmic touch. The fresh aromatic fragrant lulled me into a deep state of relaxation. The whole world was non-existence as I savoured every moment.

I nearly grumbled when she announced that it was time for me to turn around. She held up the cloth like a mini curtain as I lazily turned onto my back. My eyes half opened, I caught a glance of my look-alike again. She was dressed in the spa uniform and standing right behind the masseur. Her face was expressionless as her gaze rested on me. It was as if I was looking into a mirror. I shivered.

“Everything okay, Mam?” The masseur seemed concern. “Are you cold?”
I looked up again, my twin no longer stood there. I shook my head, “No, please go ahead.”
She spread the cloth onto my body and proceeded to massage my right arm. “You have very beautiful fingers, Mam.”
“Thanks.” I mumbled, still trying to calm the storm in my heart. I must have imagined it, I told
myself repeatedly.



Naz said...


lenzaidi said...

The Thai masseurs are good in their craft.Was like in the Huahin Resort ( having my most relaxed massage ..) when i read this part of Hazia's The twin lotus :-).Your writing is so vivid.You go Girl!.

MULAN said...

salam aidil adha..

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Hazia said...

That's nice to know:)
The spa and massage that I based this story on is the cheap type, hehe... Sukspa. But the village house is very authentic though, high, narrow staircase and very dim lighting.Perfect setting for a spooky tale, LOL!

Hazia said...

Salam aidil adha to you too:)