Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coconut Fury

Yesterday afternoon, due to the on-going manpower problem, I had to replace my staff for an international trade mission meeting. This particular one is being organised by another government agency, so our role will be much lighter than usual.

I arrived too early, so I decided to hang out at the building's cafe. The first time I went there was with my ex-friend, Mr Designer's ex-boss. She brought my staff and me for a meeting with her husband. So, imagine the kind of recollection that I had. It was scary, her aura was everywhere. At times, I almost felt like she was watching me with disapproval.. Okay, I know, I know, she had a point when she wanted to break up Mr Designer and I. However, her main intention was not for my own good, it was out of her rage with him.

I have to admit that it ended a bit too harshly. The main reason, or rather the only reason, that we ever argued and stopped being friends was him. Nevertheless, she was someone that I'd do better without in the long run. I could see a lot of damage arising in the future. With her, everything was conditional... she must get something out of everything, even friendship. And she's ridiculously competitive. In order to succeed, she'll stop at nothing too, she'll exagerates, she bitches, she lies.

Man, when she matchmade her pet brother, Mr Coconut, with me, guess what she said. Her husband's posting means that they will be abroad for many years. If her pet brother marries someone she gets along well with, at least, her family and her can stay at his place whenever they are in town, Yeah, she had thought that far ahead. However, when she was angry at with me for defending Mr Designer, she claimed that her pet brother was actually not that keen in meeting me, she pushed him. Yeah right!

And when she harrased my staff for giving the business that she thought was hers to another supplier, she threathened to send her pet brother to talk to my boss, they are related. It was weeks after Raya. I called him to get down to the bottom of things, not realising it was almost Maghrib. It had been a long time, and he thought it was a personal call. He started asking a lot of personal stuff, he sounded cheerful. Man, he refused to pick up my calls for 3 whole days; what made him think that I would make a personal call after 2 months of zero communication? The moment I had a chance, I cut him off and went straight to the point. He assured me that his meeting with my boss would be on another matter, nothing to do with my ex-friend's company at all.

Strangely, when she wanted to handover her company matters to him before she left the country for good just after Raya, he 'disappeared'. It seemed that he was overseas. Only now did I realise what he was trying to do. He was trying to get himself out of the responsibilties of running her company, but he didn't have the guts to tell her off. Coward! Naturally, her business fell apart, rapidly too. A few weeks back, she even emailed Mr Designer's partner to ask him and her pet brother to 'inject' some money into her company. Wow, she gave a new meaning to the word 'dreamer'. Her pet brother asked her to come back and discuss how she intends to run the business from abroad. She is coming back soon, once her visa is approved.

Last but not least, around a month ago, Mr Designer's partner shared an interesting development with me. He is close with Mr Coconut and the man told him he is getting engaged next month. To whom? Hmm... his 27 year old secretary. She had been working for him for like 5 years. He said they only started to get close recently. And just how recent was that? My ex-friend only introduced us in August. Obviously she knew nothing of their relationship. I also think that he shouldn't let her matchmake him if he was already serious with someone else.

And what's more... he is already 47 years old. When she introduced us, my ex-friend was concerned about the age gap between us, especially when he always told her that she was young and hasty. She is already 3 years older than I. So, how come his secretary, who is 9 years younger than I am, is not too young for him? And I thought they were related... probably they were just from the same clan. My Designer's partner has the answer to all that. She is divorced with a child, so he is doing something good - taking care of her and her baby, etc. Hmm... that still does not change the fact that she is 20 years younger than him.

Gosh, I am dying to text the news to my ex-friend. There is a 99.99% posssibility that she didn't know about this, despite claiming that they had been close for 10 years, etc, etc. She will flip, especially with the crush she has on him, and the fact that she doesn't think much of his secretary...


Just me...Naz said...

I have dealt with these kind of people. Masyaallah, so tiring! Sometimes i wonder why did our paths crossed at all :P

mamasita said...

Hazia,I'd like to comment about the 47 year old guy wanting to marry the 27yr old.Dah jadi macam a dreaded disease nowadays.Men nak kawin or have girlfriends as young or younger than their daughters.Is it because they watch blue movies or dah melarat sangat penyakit miang keladi?The young girls pulak don't mind the old geezers.Janji boleh tumpang hidup senang or get paid when laid!I am very sad with such trends!

Hazia said...

Yeah, but alhamdullilah, normally I don't have a problem shaking them off, hehe

Hazia said...

Thanks for dropping by. Dengarnya this 27 yr is not d meleseh kind of character, so tak tahulah apa dah jadi. When I went out with d 47 yr, even I rasa he's too old. And she's 9 yrs younger than me tau!