Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy Bee

Wow! It has been a week since I posted my last entry. And yes, it had been a super busy week.

This morning also wasn't like my other Saturday mornings that I spent unwinding and relaxing. It was information-pack but very useful though. You see, at 9.30am, I met an old friend for breakfast in Bangsar. She suggested it, she wanted to bitch about her new boss who used to be my client, among others.

Coincidentally, she held a senior post in the financial industry and I'm meeting a headhunter on Monday on a job in the same industry. It is for a foreign company and sounds very challenging. After talking to her, listening on the strategies she adopted and things she had done, I realised one thing. It is really, really time for me to go. Christmas will mark my 1-year employment with my present company. Right now, I felt as if I was walking in a dark cave with no exit. It is hopeless.

As for what else kept me busy this week: on Thursday, I sat down with Mr Designer, his business partner and another of their partner to discuss a new business pitch to a ministry. At first, Mr Designer roped me in as their copywriter but I ended up contributing much more than that. His partner even printed a business card for me - it says 'PR Consultant'. My initial intention was to merely support Mr Designer, speed up his success in running his own business. Before long, I realised that helping him would prevent my brain from becoming rusty due to the pasive work environment in my company. Then, I got excited in the business and started seeing the potential of making money. Another partner will join them soon and yeah, looks like I'll be the only woman.

On Tuesday, Mr Designer's partner took us to see the brother of his high-profile client. He was wondering if I could translate his book series into English. I went through one of the collection. Man, it would take more than translation. The Malay version has to be edited and hyped-up first. The language was so unfriendly and the books are meant for children. I don't think it's worth it, but I'll do it for rapport sake. After discussion, we adjourned to the mamak downstairs. We were stuck there for more than an hour when the guy launched a religious-related debate, Mr Designer's favourite topic. He wasn't happy with the guy overriding his thoughts on the Prophet's miracles though.

These additional activities, a few meetings with the ministry and a mini-reunion with the girls from my boarding school last night took up the balance of my time this week.

Oh, despite all that, I managed to have some bonding time with Mr Designer too. I'll share that in my next entry:)


ku tak sempurna said...

tomorrow... time to relax... hurmmmm... tak sabar... :D

sepi said...

salam kenai dek... welkem to "sepi" hehehe

NBB said...

next time nak teh tariking, do tell me ok. i fed up duk ipoh ni. rasa macam nak jalan2 pi kl pulak.

Hazia said...

Ya, Friday is my favourite day of the week, hehe..

Hazia said...

Selamat datang. Datang lagi ya:)

Hazia said...

Bila nak datang KL? Org baru buat mini-reunion. Sound aje la:)

Justiffa said...

Sometimes change is necessary for us to rekindle the passion... so its probably the right time to get out of ur 'dark cave' eh? oh n good luck with mr. designer ;)

RK aka Justiffa.

Hazia said...

Yeah, too much darkness.
Thanks, think I really need the luck:)