Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aimless Abroad

Remember Mr Designer's ex-boss, Ms-Mix-Business-with-Pleasure’? Well, she and her kids finally moved overseas early Syawal to follow her husband. However, the distance does not stop her from trying to separate Mr Designer and me, through email that is.

At first, she tried attacking him from a professional angle, claiming that he stole her clients (ie my company) and her money (ie money he made from her clients). Then, I shut her up by stressing the 3 main qualities that we look for in a supplier, he has all 3, she has none. She is not even in the country to manage clients. She leaves everything to her young and inexperienced PA. Futhermore, he only started doing work for my company after he resigned.

I asked her not to be so 'TAKSUB' (obsessed) with money, don't become a slave to $$$ until she lose sight of everything else. The business that we're giving him may be much more than what we gave her, but it is not still not that much. She lashed out and said that I am the one 'TAKSUB', with HIM. She even said that someone (hint: she herself putting words in her staff's mouth) said that I'm man-obsessed (gila jantan).

Failing business attack, she crept in from a personal angle. She actually went as low as creating a 2nd and even 3rd version of the same story to destroy him. The language she used shocked us - Mr Designer, his business partner and me. It was very street-y, like written by an uneducated plus un-properly brought-up person. She claimed that he did not appreciate her rescuing him from the street and giving him a job - her exact words: merempat, kutip kat tepi jalan, makan bangkai (homeless/penniless, picked him up from the side of the street, he ate carcass). Gosh, she hired an experienced UK educated designer but for all the wrong reasons. She did not acknowledge and recognise his qualifications and talents. Initially she tried to 'pimp' him as she thought his good looks can bring in more business. Now, she changed the story to him being a charity case, as if she is so generous. When he joined her company, he was still engaged to his wealthy fiance, so that already overwrite all her nonsensical claims.

Next, she tried to convince me that he was taking me for a ride. She claimed that her staffs heard him criticising my looks, saying that if he wanted to have fun, he can find much more cuter girls. Also, it seemed that he told people that the person he is dating is not his type but he still dates her (hint: me).

She even went as far as accusing him of sleeping around and living together with his ex-fiance, claiming that they are still together. Gosh, I talked to him on the phone like every night, I know that married man (or living-together man) couldn't get away with that. That is only because he's waiting for his car, we used to go out at odd hours at night before Raya when he had the company car. How did he manage that? Also, I haven't forgotten the night he called me to borrow money as he was desperate to move out of his rented place (it belongs to his ex-fiance's father and is next door to her unit). We had only known each other for a week then, and he regretted asking me.

More - she went on overboard as to involve other people. She said that he lied about his father being hospitalised in the ICU as an excuse to miss a work deadline. She even asked me to verify the hospital record. She referred to his younger sister as older sister and put down her occupation (from a petrol station owner to a petrol pump attendance). She also referred to his ex-colleague who recommended him to her as his 'girlfriend'. Her many factual errors were significant proofs that she either a) grabbed the bits and pieces that she knew and churn out a whole yarn OR b) was plainly lying or bullshitting about him.

The painful part is that she misused God's name in all this...said that she is a God-fearing person.... God as her witness, etc, etc.

Man, the woman is so out of control. She reacts like a machine gun, no aim, no pause, no look, just simply FIRE AWAY! She'll go mad soon, especially being bored out of her mind without friends there.

The only good thing was that she finally acknowledged that her pet bro cum Mr Coconut was right - one shouldn't mix business with pleasure. Because of that, and 1 'Jantan' (1 man), a person turned against her. At first, she tried the 'I am still naive, raw, don't know anything & he is bad influence on me' approach but it didn't work. Then, she became damn mad. I even teased her that 'raw' refers to a piece of steak. LOL!

Oh, BTW, this incidence reveals another discovery. Mr Designer officially broke up with his fiance only days before we first went out. At least, his partner confirmed that it happened before, and not after. On Mr Designer's side, he said it really didn't matter as they were long over anyway. The timing proof was that when they were about to present a corporate greeting card design to a client, he showed his business partner his missing collar button; they just had a major fight and she pulled it out. So, they broke up then. During our first date, he showed me the mock-up card and proudly told me that the client was unconservative enough to accept it. They would print it and he'd give me a copy. Hence, timing jived:)

And lastly, his ex-fiance is still trying to make him return to her. The thought of that is scary.


Ummi365 said...

urghh arghhh.. hisss.. geram geram.. i wonder how can you stay cool...

june said...

Wow your ex-friend sounds so crazy-toxic. Best thing to do is to avoid any contact with her, e-mail or otherwise. Obviously she gets a kick out of you responding. Relationships/or emerging relationships :) can attract the craziest people.. I have my own fair share.. in the end, it's like.. is the guy worth all the drama?? We hope so anyway. :)

Kak Elle said...

been and read but no comment...

take care:)

Hazia said...

Haha... Her 1st email attack made me curious, the 2nd one made me mad, the 3rd & last one made me amused... it was starting to get really hilarious. If it's not for his business partner turning his back against her (he used to be her business partner and known her for 10 years), I may still ponder on some of her accusations. But he claimed that she was just mad. LOL!

Hazia said...

I still havent's answered her 3rd and last email accusation. She claimed that her PA said Mr Designer might be handsome but if you look long enough, you can see his horns. So, now we both are hooked onto the idea of sending her an icon resembling him, with devil's horns and sticking his tongue out. I'm still waiting for him to create it. He said we should wait till she calms down before provoking her again. LOL!

Not sure if this guy's worth all the drama. Somehow, I couldn't stop imagining her laughing her head off 6 months down the road because he 'plays me up' or something. After all, I've only known him for exactly 2 months.

Hazia said...

Kak Elle,
Thanks for visiting:)

Kak Elle said...

btw hazia I'll be in KL sat/sun 18th19th Oct staying @ Marriot.

can't comment for this entry as I don't know any of them...but do becareful with this friendship don't want you to end up with heartache and headache.

pugly said...

Goodness, how low can a person go lah?

Gila ini perempuan. The best way to deal with these kind of people is to just ignore them. Biar dia meroyan sorang2. Orang gila ni, kalau kita layan, kita pun boleh jadi gila sama.

What matters is that you both know what's real, & don't let any negative influence get in the way.

Hazia said...

Kak Elle,
Will try my best to meet:)

Hazia said...

Since I didn't reply her last email, she got agitated and started harrasing her pet bro, Mr Coconut. He called Mr Designer's business partner just now, wanting to know what's wrong (including concerning my company), said that she asked him to check on things. His partner played dumb and asked him to call me. He hasn't, I doubt that he would - judging by the way he left things hanging between us. Men like him are cowards.

Yeah, we know what's real:)