Friday, September 5, 2008

45 Minutes Too Late

I'm picking up where I left off in my previous blog.
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For the first time, I had taken a week off to spend early Ramadan with my parents. I had looked forward to go to the mosque for Terawih prayers with them.

When Mr Designer offered to send me to the airport at 4am on Merdeka morning, I had my doubt. I was very aware of the risk that I was taking. I barely knew this guy for 2 weeks and I'm relying on him to get me to LCCT to catch my flight back to my hometown. if he doesn't show up, there goes my big plan, and... what do I tell my parents? That I have been an idiot? LOL!

The chain of events on Saturday also didn't help at all. Despite agreeing to accompany me to my book reading on Saturday, he didn't show up. Well, turned out that he had a solid reason but at that time, I didn't know it yet. He also didn't pick up my calls that night or reply my smses. Imagine my worry. I even asked the taxi driver whom service I normally used to stand by for my call around midnight. He was free but I really, really wanted to see Mr Designer one more time before I leave. He was good natured when he offered, even suggested that we have early breakfast before I take off. He assured me that he won't let me down. Anyway, later, around 11pm, the guy finally replied my sms: 'Hey u, I'll send u as agreed, no change, ok:)' Hence, due to all these factors, I decided to risk it.

I woke up pretty early on Sunday morning. I called him at 3.30am. He was up, still at work and yeah, he was coming. He did say that he was going to work on his designs all night and come straight from their studio, so there was no issue of him not waking up on time. When he didn't arrive by 4.00am, I called again, no answer, and again, still no answer. I carried my luggage downstairs and waited near the entrance of my condo. At 4.20 am, he told me he was on the way. He refused to say where he was but I had a feeling that he had just left the studio.

I called a few more times, telling him that I was worried that I might miss my flight. My flight was only taking off at 7.15am but it was Air Asia, they stressed on arriving 2 hours earlier, and the queue is normally long. LCCT is also due for renovation on the next day.
I felt like I was going to get a heart attack. I couldn't yell at him or raise my voice as he was just doing me a favour and we're not even serious yet or anything.

You can't imagine what went through my mind. Yeah, that guy is totally unreliable. If we end up together, would I have to go through this kind of agony all my life? Do I want to put myself through this?

It was already 4.45am when he showed up. He stopped in front of the gate and didn't even get out of the car. He just opened the back door from inside so I could put in my luggage. Okay, he wasn't his usual gentleman self.

Then, he told me. After talking to me, he felt asleep on top of his keyboard. He has asked his colleagues to wake him up if that happened, but they were too occupied to notice. Apparently, he was too exhausted after baby-sitting his 2 kids the whole day, at the mall too. His ex-wife had several errants to run. That on top of him already juggling away two jobs and an RM200k medium-term project. For his employment with my ex-friend's company, he meets clients during the day and does his creative work at night. After 11pm, he adjourns to his friends/partners' studio for more work till morning. On Saturdays, he does the high-profile coffee table book project. He hardly sleeps or rests.

He is determined to be a better person and provide for his children. Sometimes, I think that we meet each other at different stages of our lives. He had his fun during his younger years, lost a lot of money and is now, at 40, working hard to correct what went wrong. I, on the other hand, have not done anything for the last 12 years other than work hard. I just want to chill.

So it goes. When we got onto the highway, he politely asked me if I'd mind if he sped up. LOL! No, not at all. I told him that it was all already fated. If God let me board that flight, I would catch it.

Fate had it that when we arrived at LCCT at 5.50am, there was only 1 person in the queue. I checked in and that gave us a luxurious 45 minutes more for breakfast. So, we went to Coffee Beans. He had scramble eggs and sausages while I had Eggs Benedict. He ate really quickly, he was damn hungry. Breakfast was short, but spending time with him was really nice. I snapped a second photo of him with my mobile phone camera. He wasn't too happy about being photographed so early in the morning though, unshaven and all. LOL!

Well, I do appreciate the trouble that he went through considering the fact that he literally has no time. I guess I must have been important to him, somehow:D

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