Monday, September 22, 2008

Mixing Business with Pleasure 2

The first time I wrote an entry on the above topic was on 16 Aug 2008 (in my old blog). It was the day I was introduced to Mr Designer. However, the entry was about another guy, yeah, one of the many who have gone with the wind. LOL!

I used to draw a thick clear line between business and pleasure. My initial plan was to have my new staff deal with Mr Designer. I didn’t think it was wise for me to deal with him at work, when we’re personally involved. Unfortunately, my so-called new staff has yet to come on board, long story on the management decision. And I’m not confident with my existing staffs dealing with him, also another long story that I should not bore you with.

Hence, here we are, juggling between the two worlds. Guess what? It is much easier than I thought it would be and it benefits both of us too.

Professionally… for a start, it gives me a pretty good in-depth understanding of behind-the-scene happenings – how much time a creative advertising work takes. I have exposure in the field but until I see the everyday life of a creative director myself, I really had no idea. Secondly, Mr Designer’s wide experience of having been both a front liner (account servicing person) and back-ender (designer) makes him quite resourceful. He shares with me ideas on different ways to work with suppliers and utilise them fully. On his side, when the key decision makers are not around, I would extend deadlines for him. The proposal couldn’t move anyway, no harm in letting him have more time to work on the designs. Also, this client doesn’t yell at him when he’s slightly late with his design, quotation, etc. She keeps track of the timeline herself and reminds him nicely. LOL!

Personally… with him juggling away 2 jobs and working day and night, we spend most quality time together when we combine work and personal meetings. Only that on several occasions, when he rushed to see me at odd hours because of work, it became a personal outing only. One time, it was too late for him to go home and get his laptop to present a design to me. And last night, the revised design he wanted to show me wasn’t ready yet. It did feel like a waste of his time to be rushing to meet me all the way late at night and then return to work without settling any work matter. But he said it is a good break for him and he finds it kind of relaxing, us talking and going through my stories and all. It's also easier for us to unload about the unpleasantness of our work life onto each other, since we are both up to date and well aware of the toxid characters around us.

Anyway, these frequent odd hours’ outings have started to make me feel like an owl, hehe… I don't feel guilty about going out with him as apart from a parting salam, there is absolutely zero physical contact between us. That is pretty impressive, considering his Westernise ways and all. Funnily though, when we first met, I didn’t even find him attractive, physically or otherwise, but now I have to stop myself from staring at him all the time whenever we’re together. LOL!


Hezreen Abdul Rashid said...
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Hazia said...

Hi, been a while:)
How are you? Still writing?
Selamat berpuasa

Ailin in Stockholm said...

Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound

:P :P :P :P

Ummi365 said...

oohhh i remember those days when I was courting dad.. feeling the same way like you are feeling now..hehehe.. must do it again when he is back for raya..

wish you the best of luck and may you find the right one! go slow eh!

Hazia said...


Hazia said...

Really? Sampai sekarang still courting ke?;)

Thanks for d wishes, n yes, will go slow. Semalam hang out with him till 4am lagi, tapi pasal kerja jugak la, hehe...

simah said...

iskh..bahaya minah ni!! whatever it is...just be careful eh?

an owl eh?? u need a big round glass for that!! hahaha

just wanna say...salam aidilfitri dar kami sekeluarga... maaf zahir dan batin...

balik kampung tak raya ni? ker still kerja teruk even on raya??

take care eh? n like i said.. be careful :0)

Anonymous said...

cinta sudah berputik...

Hazia said...

Hehehe...ok, Mak, will be careful:p.

Selamat hari raya & look forward to the photos. Best ke raya in Turkey?

I balik kampung seminggu sebab flight ticket dah beli. Tapi my staff dua org sangkut sebab each department must have someone working everyday during raya week, sorang kerja Tuesday, sorang kerja Friday. Kesian la, dahlah bagi arahan seminggu sebelum raya. Org dah buat plan nak balik kampung:(

Hazia said...

Dr N
:p :p :p
Selamat hari raya:)