Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crashing Street Light

I caught an amazing documentary just before midnight last night. In 'The Retreat', 4 British men and 4 British women embarked on a journey to understand the true meaning of Islam. Unfortunately, I only saw the last 15 minutes of the hour-long episode.

A woman participant was expressing her uneasiness due to the vast difference between her understanding of the religion and the one discussed during the exercise. She asked if the instructor is referring to Sufism specifically. His reply was a good one. He said she was being very theoritical and bend on putting labels. ISLAM is ISLAM! His preaching was about the classical meaning of Islam ie the spiritual relationship between a Muslim and his creator.

There was another woman on the show who didn't want to join the Zikir (chanting). She claimed there was no proof that it was the Prophet's practice. Actually, my auntie said something like that; the religious classes she attended was conducted by a Muaalaf though.

An interesting or rather scary incidence happened when I was relaying the show to Mr Designer. He picked me up at home just after midnight. At Jalan Bangsar going towards KL, a street light suddenly fell down on the road in front of us. A truck from the opposite direction crashed into it, that was why. Our car was like 1 minute away from being hit.

Alhamdullilah! Thank God we're safe. Was that a message from Him?

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