Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Locked-in Again

Yesterday, I got locked in the office, again. I didn't work that late, it wasn't even 6pm yet when I left. The 2 main switch boards are located near the 2 doors. However, I couldn't go out from the door nearest to my office as I had to go to the reception and swipe out first. The problem is I had to switch off all the lights first (at the side door), walk pass the pantry and the boardroom before getting to the main entrance to swipe out.

Therefore, I had to grope in the dark and hope I won't bump into anything. Luckily, yesterday, someone left the boardroom door open. So, rays of evening sun helped shine my path. The glass door would open with an employee card swipe. However, outside, there is another dark wooden door which is locked by a latch. Yeap, again someone didn't bother to check my office to ensure there wasn't anybody left.

First time experience, I panicked. Then, I realised that the latch could be opened from the inside, but with difficulty. The tricky part is the glass door only opens on one side. The latch is on the other side. I have to squeeze my hand in between the opening. After unlatching, you have to push out both parts of the wooden doors hard at the same time. Otherwise, it won't move.

Yeah, scary, especially staff have met all sorts of 'visitors' at night.


Kak Elle said...

oh wow don't they check before they lock up?nasib baik tak pengsan eh...hehe

Hazia said...

Yeah, today in bright daylight, I decided to study the switch board. They are all labelled but... incorrectly la... so, the problem of walking through the pantry in total darkness is still not solved:(

ummi365 said...

adoi..kalau i mesti dah pengsan sebab i ni claustrophobic.. takut gelap, takut crowd and takut confined space..hehehe

/ailin in stockholm said...

well, at least if you are locked in, you will be damn sure no strangers will be coming in to disturb you.

Hazia said...

Hehe... tu la, nasib baik I tak takut. Cuma menyampah aje..

No strangers but... got 'funny visitors'. LOL!

Gosh, ngantuknya, nearly fell asleep in the washroom tadi. Dating punya pasal, hehe...