Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to Hell

I spent the first week of Ramadan back in my hometown with my parents. It was relaxing... lazying around... watching TV... catching up on my writing... solat terawih at the mosque near my house.

I managed to chill, though I could never really let go of the fear of returning to work. I mean so many things could go wrong. It's not the same as taking 10 days off to perform Umrah when I was with the hotel... or going off for 1 whole month for Hajj during my previous employment. In this job, there's no 'totally letting go'. Even on my third day at home, a division head (who's not even my boss) called my mobile and asked me to assign my staff to attend a ministry's meeting. Hello! No 1 asked him, why bother me? He has like 30 people in his division, I only have 3 staff in my department, and one was on leave too. Fourth day, my staff said my boss asked for our SOP. Hello, get it from the planning department who is the SOP guardian! Why bother me???

The moment I got back to KL on Friday, I could feel the tension and clutter already. I so didn't look forward to coming to work today. The only thing to look forward to was a meeting with Mr Designer in the afternoon and buka puasa with him after that. And as I walked into the office this morning, I recited all sorts of Surahs. Miraculously, I arrived at 7.45am, damn early. Before I could even switched on my PC, my boss' secretary stepped into my office. She started updating me on 'problems' and 'things done' while I was away, especially concerning the Ramadan goodies and raya card. Phew! At least, everything was settled before I got back, regardless of how unpleasant.

I checked my emails and caught up my with my staffs. Also, miraculously, potential explosive situations evened themselves out naturally when other overlapping 'potential difficulties' were suggested. Sorry, too tired to elaborate. I was damn relieved that Popeye didn't spoil my day. I only spoke to him once on the phone. I didn't even dare go to his office to see him, I didn't want to face his sarcasm. Let's save that for tomorrow.

Anyway, Mr Designer called at 1.00pm. By then, I was so worn out and couldn't wait to leave. He asked if it's possible if he just present his designs during buka puasa, so he has more time to work on them. Under normal circumstances, I won't let a supplier do that. But his company's cost proposal has already been proposed and approved (by No 1) so the business is theirs anyway. I might as well let him get the first version as perfect possible, less time needed for revision.

Office hour ends at 4.45 pm during fasting month. To my dismay, Mr Designer called and said he was stuck in a jam in Seri Kembangan. Gosh, it's going to take him another 30 minutes at least to get to my office and pick me up to go to Bangi. He insisted that he left home early. Man, he does have a habit of being late, every time. And I'd be lucky if I don't fall asleep here, while waiting for him. Sigh! .

Oh, he's here, 5.20pm. Need to shut off everything in a hurry:)


NBB said...

hang kena kasi dia hadiah PDA ni. biar dia plan masa betul2.

Hazia said...

hehe... baik aku hadiah to myself:p