Friday, September 12, 2008

A Sweet Revision

During my one week break in my hometown the first week of Ramadan, I had satisfactory progress with 3 of my stories. I mean my work has been crazy so far, and there were times when a week passed by without me writing anything. I was getting concern. At the rate I was going, there's no way I could meet the extended deadline in December this year.

One of the 3 stories is 'A Sweet Way to Go'. I decided to pick up my tiny laptop after sahur one morning and started typing away until the story ended. Now, it only needs polishing and short-term hatching before I give it another round of editing.
Initially, I wanted to start my book with 'Nose Job', a psychology thriller. However, my instructor said some people (mostly old people) do not like my co-author's stories due to their violent nature. So, a bloody kick off may not be a good idea. Mr Designer's point may work though. He said he'd expect my book to start with something light - an appetiser, then move on to something heavier ie the main meal and finally, end it with a dessert.

Hmm... sounds nice. I think maybe I should start with this piece instead. It's short, plot-oriented and past-paced.

A Sweet Way to Go


Adjusting his reading glasses, the Swiss looks at her. “Good morning, Shira. How are you?”
She ignored his greeting, “Have you seen the cake?”
“You mean the cake to be presented to the King for his birthday on Thursday?”
She nods. “Have you seen it? Do you know what it looks like?”
“Well, I saw the sketch. Chef Philip wants to capture the spirit of Golf, the King’s favourite game.” Shira focuses on him intensely when she next speaks. “Have you actually seen the King's cake with your own eyes? It looks like a coffin!”
“You heard me. It looks like coffin, as if we’re expecting to bury the King soon.
Mark rubbed his chin.
“Mark, I've just received a phone call from a journalist from The Star. She would like to feature our cake on the front page of their Metro section. So many hotels and they choose us. The photographer is coming at 5pm today. We need to fix this fast!”
The Swiss jumps and grabs his coat from the chair.
“Pastry Kitchen, now!”
He marches while Shira half runs to catch up with him.



Kak Elle said...

let me know when new book publish ye...ok nanti baca newspaperman

Hazia said...

:) Insyaallah... around March / April next year. Shall let you know, definitely