Sunday, September 7, 2008

Winning the Game

The week before Ramadan, a friend, who was my junior in school, and I decided to have dinner. It was more of a buka puasa actually. We confidently agreed to meet in Bangsar at 6.45pm. Little did we know that it was going to pour elephants and hippopotamus that evening. We sms each other, I was coming from KL and she was going from PJ, and both of us were going to be very late. We might not even be able to buka puasa on time. She said her friend was already there. She had booked us a table and ordered our appetisers and drinks.

Alas, 5 minutes before Maghrib time, both of us were turning into Bangsar. I heard Azan just before I stepped down. My friend hadn't arrived. It took me a while to track her friend, I was under the impression that she worked there. LOL! Okay, so we found each other. Guess what, she hadn't ordered my hot coffee because she didn't want it to be cold when I arrived. Hmm... while waiting, I had to buka puasa with warm water. Luckily, Mieng Kam, my favourite appetiser was already served. We waited and waited, my friend still didn't get there. Her battery was low, so she could only sms. But she was already at the junction same as me, and she took a cab, no parking problem, so why the delay? She was so late that I adjourned for Maghrib prayers first at 8pm.

Finally, she arrived. Two cars infront of her broke down. Nevertheless, she was her bubbly self. The actual reason she wanted to meet was to get 'insights' on her new employer cum my ex-client or in her own words, she wanted to bitch. Before accepting that job, she consulted everybody but totally forgot about me. Man, I could have saved her the agony.

A headhunter approached me for the same position. A Director there whom I knew also approached me for the position. I declined, I didn't want to work for the head of corporate communications department. She is unpredictable, erratic, doesn't learn from mistakes and unorganised, despite being there for 2 decades. However, I asked the headhunter to alert me if she ever leaves, I want her job. That would be the ideal career achievement. LOL!

Not much later, my friend emailed me that she was starting work there. She said she was employed to succeed that woman, not just work for her. I had my doubts, that sounds too good to be true. As if she would take the trouble to train a successor, and why is the handover period 3 years? I'd rather grope in the dark without a proper handover than face her that long.

So, she shared her experience. It was worst that I'd expected. She said the woman is also stupid, on top of everything I'd said, she is a bimbo. She engaged consultants unnecessarily to cover her weaknesses. Wow! That's news to me. And it didn't look like she would ever retire. They couldn't get rid of her because of her position in society. She did a couple of nasty things to make my friend look bad - hide information, didn't tell about the presentation she had to do until the 11th hour, etc. HR and other bosses knew about it though. They even offered her a position in another department, they didn't want to lose her.

To make matters worse, my friend didn't hesitate to share her inteligence which indirectly exposed that woman's lack of it. First week there and she was already coming up with proposals to get rid of all the consultants within a month. That woman even went to the extent of commenting her clothes, why she always wears black, and her shoe brand - it's not comfortable. Duh, maintain your standard, woman, you've been there for 20 years! Why go down to that level?

My friend sought my advice. Bear in mind that when it comes to corporate games, she is even tougher than me. So, I told her not to give up, stay and fight that woman, take over her position and get rid of her, for good. I've full confidence that she could do it. We'll see:)

Oh, her friend who joined us - she and another young manager intereviewed me before. That was the only time I had someone younger than myself interviewing me, it was kind of strange:)

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